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What is Distance Education Software System?
Along with the developing technology network, distance education software technologies are also developed and meet the expected demand, and new technologies are developing every year. The demand for distance education software is increasing day by day because it works independently of the device and operating options that also work with different platforms. In today’s technology age, there are very few people who do not use distance education. Especially open education faculties and the pandemic process accelerated the developments on this subject and increased its importance. Due to the disruption of formal education due to pandemic conditions, software companies offer the latest and best distance education to fill the gap.they have been in a hurry to produce their software, which has turned into a new and increasing competition. The first companies that entered distance education studies had problems with the disappearance of Flash technology from the historical scene in 2021. For this reason, the technology used in distance education and online education software should constantly develop and have a self-renewing structure. For those who prefer the live broadcast streaming system with Apple’s HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) technology, it stays within the limits of its aging technology with its delayed broadcast streaming. In ready-made systems such as BigBlueButton, limited features and security vulnerabilities, as well as low broadcast quality, distract companies using this system from institutionalization. Apart from all these, there are many company options such as Zoom, Skype, Webex, which also provide free services.

Distance Education Online Educational Software Site
Our teaching management system, which we have developed as pro distance education, can be integrated into all these systems. In addition, as an integrated software with high resolution instant live broadcast and integrated instant video lecture recording and broadcasting infrastructure, Sayısal Bilgisayar Ltd. Sti. It is the newest live streaming system distance education software introduced to the market. Another feature is that it does not need an e-commerce portal service. Online sales are made automatically through the system after collection approval and the student/trainee automatically joins the system. It offers students a seamless screen experience. It gives you the pleasure of selling effortlessly. Likewise, books, documents, essays, etc. It also offers the opportunity to sell virtual and physical products.

What are Distance Education Software Installation Prices?
Although the prices of distance education software vary depending on the desired features, there is always an affordable distance education software solution in Pro Distance Education. Especially as Pro Distance Education, it is possible to find and realize special solutions for private teaching institutions, courses, private schools and institutions that want to establish an online education system at a very affordable price . We offer our customers an integrated system and a seamless integrated structure, as well as a modular structure that will meet their needs. Prices vary according to the desired features. You can start selling online training at a more affordable price, far beyond stable uninterrupted alternatives, without incurring surprise costs in the process after the system installation.