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Is there chess software that helps you train while you play against him? I know there is software for training openings and such, but I’d like one that actually advises you interactively as you play against the computer, maybe giving you hints and tips, for example Chess Training. The kind of interactivity I’m looking for isn’t necessarily audio or text related and can be PC or phone based, it doesn’t matter. To better explain my idea, let me explain my situation:

 I know how to play chess, I know all the rules, the basics and I have some knowledge of the strategies and tactics that can be done in the game. It turns out that at a certain point I honestly don’t know what to play. There are so many options that I get lost in the possibilities. It would be nice to have something to tell you that a movement is doing nothing at a given time. Or maybe just to say that a certain move exposed a vulnerability that you just didn’t see and actually recommend a move.

I think this is more practice than anything, but sometimes I play with people who make mistakes (queen early, I don’t care about centre control) and I still lose because I don’t know how to take advantage of mistakes. It would be nice to have something coaching you in this sort of thing: seeing and punishing mistakes and winning times.

Best Software And Engines To Train Chess

In the past, man-versus-machine chess matches and tournaments were commonplace, when the challenge of developing levels of artificial intelligence capable of surpassing the great players was still fueled Chess Training. For some years now, with the evolution of computer processing power, the challenge has not only been reversed, but has ceased to exist.

But if the human brain is no longer a match for processors, the popularization of technology brought with such advances can and should be used in favors of the evolution of a chess player. Chess software and its engines — programs equipped with algorithms for calculations and analysis of moves — have databases, interfaces and programmed instructions that are fundamental allies in studies and training from the very first steps as a player.

 Do you want to know the most important  Chess Training software and engines for you to train chess? Check out in our article what they are and how to use them to improve your game!

 The Importance Of Using Programs To Train Chess

A chess software offers several possibilities for studying games, both the historical performances of great chess players and their own online games, all using engines as sparring partners. With it you can get references to openings Chess Training, comment on matches and, above all, observe mistakes made. From these observations, the program will also guide you as to moves that could have been made or lines that could have been followed, thus helping you to progressively improve your game

The Most Recommended Software And Engines

Chess Base 13

Chess Base is one of the most used software by chess players around the world. Developed by a German company of the same name, it has its own format for storing games, taking up less disk space, but is also capable of using the global PGN format Chess Training.

 Currently in version 13, it’s a program that allows you to search the most diverse ranges of its huge database: by matches and specific positions within them, by player names, openings, tactics and characteristics of a position. In addition to an excellent interface, it integrates engines from both Chess Base and other sources.

Fritz 15

The Fritz engine is one of the most popular around the world. Also developed by Chess Base, it is in the release phase of version 15. It has the great advantage of having its own interface, that is, it can also be used to add other engines, without the need to use Chess Training Base, for example.

Komodo 9.2

It is considered the strongest engine today. Pointed out by its developers as a very useful tool especially for openings, it can be used for free up to version 6.

Stockfish 6

It is an open source engine, available for several desktop and mobile platforms. It has the contribution of an entire community of developers. Constantly ranked among the best engines in the world, it is currently considered the second.

Houdini 4

Created with influences from other engines, including Stockfish itself, Houdini has excellent performance and is quite popular. Today it is seen as the third force among the available engines and, like Komodo.

 How to use these tools as an amateur?

Failing to use the board to submit to passive study only restricts your development in chess. Don’t just memorise lines and moves, make use of the tools with the awareness that they are just an aid. Question the computer’s directions, have your own ideas, do your work independent of analysis and trust it. This way you will make great progress in consistency, creativity and tactical vision in your game Chess Training.

Playing chess at any level, software and engines are essential for a player’s growth. Do not stop thinking alone, combine computational tools with your practices Chess Training, and count on artificial intelligence for your development as a chess player.

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